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How to Disable Anti Theft System on Ford F150

How to disable anti theft system on Ford F150? Bypassing, turning off, or reset the system? Read on to discover how. Also, learn the Insurance implications of doing so. Then you can safely drive away. But be sure to consult your Ford dealer for more information. It might be necessary …

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How to Disable Ford PATS Systems

A PATS system is a car security system that monitors the car’s keys. Each car is provided with a transponder in the key, and each transponder has a different code that the system recognizes. In total, there are 18 billion possible combinations of codes generated by the PATS system. When …

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How to Disable Anti Theft System Without Key

If your car has an anti-theft system, you may wonder how to disable it without a key. This article will show you how to reset the computer in your car. Many anti-theft systems work by sending a signal from the correct key to the receiver inside the ignition switch. However, …

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