How to Disable YouTube Shorts on iPhone

How to Disable YouTube Shorts on iPhoneYou may have noticed that YouTube allows you to add a caption to your video, but are wondering how to disable YouTube shorts on iPhone. There are several reasons why this feature isn’t popular, including consistency in the way you find, share and identify them. The biggest problem, however, is the lack of good content. To fix this, you should disable YouTube Shorts on iPhone. Here’s how.

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YouTube allows users to add a caption to their video

If you are trying to add a caption to your video on your iPhone, you can follow these steps. First, you must log in to YouTube and then select the ‘Video Manager’ option. There, you will see a ‘Subtitles and CC’ tab. From here, you can choose to add captions in either English or one of the 160 other languages that YouTube supports. After that, just type in the caption in the box above the media player. Once you have entered the caption, you can pause the video and click the ‘+’ sign to lock it in place. The caption will then appear below the video in the ‘Caption’ box.

If you’re uploading your own video to YouTube, you can use a captioning service that integrates with the app. This way, you can add a caption in minutes. You can also use a captioning service that is dedicated to creating captions. The best part is that this service is free! It’s easy to use and provides great results. Besides YouTube, there are several other apps that allow you to add captions to your videos.

Once you’ve set up a YouTube account, you can now start adding captions to your videos. This can be done in a couple of ways: either by adding captions to your video on YouTube or by uploading it to Facebook. In order to do this, you must add the video to your Facebook page. First, select the video that you want to add a caption to. If it’s too long, you can select ‘drafts’ and then open the video. Afterwards, you can add a caption to your video in Facebook, as well.

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Turning off YouTube shorts

If you are sick of watching YouTube shorts, you can turn them off with a few easy steps. First, you need to sign into your YouTube account. Then, click on the Create button in the bottom center of your screen. Click the “Create a short” option. You can now add a caption to your videos. Captions are usually less than 100 characters and help viewers know more about the content of a video.

To remove YouTube shorts from your iPhone, first log into your account on YouTube. From there, go to the “Shorts” tab on your account. Then, click “Not interested.” You will no longer see short videos on your homepage. If you decide to turn off YouTube shorts for all users, you need to repeat this process. Alternatively, you can uninstall the YouTube app and restore it to an earlier version without shorts.

If you’re using an older version of YouTube on your iPhone, you can manually disable this feature by uninstalling the app from your phone. To do this, open Settings and tap on “Apps.” In the “General” section, find the “Shorts” option. If you don’t like shorts, turn off the feature and install the previous version of YouTube. If you have a newer version of YouTube, you can turn off the feature again in the Settings tab.

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Disabling comments on YouTube shorts

You may want to disable comments on YouTube shorts on your iPhone. The YouTube app offers this feature on mobile devices but not on desktops. The first step is to open the YouTube app and tap the edit button at the top right corner. Once there, choose ‘disable comments’. You may want to turn off comments in the YouTube Studio app as well. After enabling the feature, you can continue viewing your video.

Next, make sure to check the version of your YouTube app. If the version is different than the one you’re currently using, you’ll need to uninstall and re-download the app to disable the feature. Make sure to choose the right version so that you can use the YouTube app on your iPhone without any problems. If you’ve been enjoying YouTube shorts, disable comments on your videos and enjoy watching them without being bothered by spammers.

If you’re using an older version of the YouTube app, you’ll need to re-enable it before you can view the comments. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to sign up for a free Google account to access YouTube. Once you’ve done this, make sure that your YouTube app is updated. Otherwise, you’ll have to sign up for a Google account to be able to post comments on your videos.

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