How to Disable V4 Mode on Silverado

How to Disable V4 Mode on SilveradoIf you’re wondering how to disable V4 mode on your Chevy Silverado, then you’ve come to the right place. If your Silverado is equipped with this feature, you can disable it by accessing the Settings menu on your dash. You will need to go into the Advanced settings section and select the V4 option.

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GM vehicles have cylinder deactivation or Active Fuel Management

GM vehicles have a unique technology called cylinder deactivation or Active Fuel Management that can optimize fuel efficiency by shutting off lifters when the engine is not using its full power. The system can improve fuel economy by as much as 12 percent. Cylinder deactivation or Active Fuel Management works by detecting engine conditions and shutting off fuel delivery to half the cylinders.

This technology is typically found in larger GM vehicles with V8 engines. It allows GM to lower fuel consumption by temporarily converting V6 and V8 engines into inline V-3 engines. It also reduces oil consumption by up to 7.5%. The technology was first introduced in Cadillac’s 1981 L62 V8-6-4 engine. However, it has received a lot of criticism because of its unreliable operation. Nonetheless, it has since been adopted by many automakers.

Cylinder deactivation and Active Fuel Management are both patented GM technologies that help conserve fuel during low-power driving situations. During this period, the system turns off half of the cylinders in the engine and switches them back on when the vehicle accelerates. The system has improved fuel economy by up to 6 percent in tests conducted by the EPA.

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GM dealers can’t disable it

While you might be wondering how to disable Active Fuel Management on Chevy Silverados, there is no easy solution. Instead, you’ll have to re-program the ECU to go into V8 mode, which means disabling V4 mode. This requires using a device called an AFM Disabler, which you plug into the OBDII port. The device will start working immediately, and you can easily remove it later when you’re done.

Disabling V4 mode on Silverados is a simple process, and it can make a car feel like a completely different vehicle. It’s also a great way to save gas. It will improve gas mileage, reduce emissions, and make your engine last longer.

The problem is related to a defect in the 5.3-liter V8 engine. This defect causes excessive oil consumption, and most Silverados that have this issue have less than 60,000 miles on them. In 2007, GMC introduced a new active fuel management system, which was designed to improve fuel economy and boost horsepower and torque. However, some silverados don’t have this software.

It requires reprogramming or tricking the ECU into staying in V8 mode

Disabling active fuel management (AFM) is a quick way to make your Chevrolet run in V8 mode. You can use a device called an AFM Disabler that you simply plug into the OBDII port of your truck. Once you have installed it, you can use it immediately, or remove it whenever you want.

The first step in the procedure is to slow down the vehicle. Hold it at about 55 mph and release the accelerator pedal. Once the vehicle has slowed down, the ECU will once again self-test the EGR system, EVAP purge system, and Long Term Fuel Trims.

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The ECM is the engine’s control module, and is responsible for managing all engine functions. It contains a network of sensors and switches that communicate with each other. It also communicates with other controllers throughout the vehicle. The ECM is also responsible for controlling the low-side driver, which acts like an electronic switch and controls the oil manifold solenoid.

It can be disabled by a device called an AFM Disabler

If you are experiencing problems with the Active Fuel Management system on your Chevrolet Silverado, you may want to turn it off. An AFM Disabler device can be used to do this. This device plugs into your OBDII port and disables the system. The device works immediately, and can be removed whenever you are ready.

The only downside to removing the AFM is that you will experience a slight drop in gas mileage. Disabling the AFM will decrease your MPG by between five to fifteen percent. However, the money you’ll save by not having to have costly AFM-related repairs will more than make up for it.

In addition to preventing the engine from going into v4 mode, an AFM Disabler is also an excellent way to preserve the factory warranty. In addition to preventing engine damage, an AFM Disabler also prevents the engine from being flooded with fuel.

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