How to Disable Threads in Discord

There are two types of threads in Discord, private and public. Public threads are available to everyone in the community, and private ones are only visible to server admins and the server owner. Private threads are only visible to the owner of the server, and only the admin can create them. This can be a useful tool for ensuring that your community remains civil and free from harassment. Let’s explore each type in more detail.

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Public threads

If you want your community to run smoothly, you might want to disable public threads on your server. This feature allows you to limit the number of people who can start new threads. Previously, everyone in your role could post new threads. But now, only admins and the server owner can create new threads. However, if you have some members with the Send message permission, they can still post new threads without your permission.

You can disable public threads in Discord by editing its settings. In Discord, threads are archived automatically after 24 hours of inactivity. The users who post to these threads can still see them but cannot reply to them. Besides, you can change the auto-archive time as well. In order to enable this feature on Discord, you need to have a subscription to Nitro. Then, you can enable private threads.

To disable public threads in Discord, you need to access the settings on your server and choose “Disable threads for all users.” In general, you will have to click on the “Server Settings” tab on the drop-down box. You should see a list of servers available. Click on the server that you want to modify. You can also enable or disable threads on the server in a different way.

Archived threads

You may have noticed that Discord archives your conversations after a certain amount of time, but how do you disable archived threads? Discord uses an inactivity countdown, which you can turn off by visiting the settings menu. If you want to prevent the conversation from being archived forever, you can enable the feature by following a few simple steps. First, you should sign into your Discord channel. Next, click the hamburger icon at the top-right corner of your conversation. Click the “Archive Settings” option.

Once you enable auto-archiving, Discord will automatically archive your threads after 24 hours of inactivity. You can increase this period by setting it to three days, or you can choose a higher limit, such as one week, if you’re a Level 2 server. Discord also lets you customize the time period that threads stay archived, so you can set it to as long as you like.

You can also hide the archived threads from your channel, which means you won’t see them anymore. You can also search through archived threads by clicking the “ellipsis” icon on top-right. If you’d like, you can also remove them entirely from your channel, but be warned that deleting them will remove them forever. In addition to hiding your topics, you’ll need to restart the Discord server in order to get them back.

Private threads

You may have noticed that Discord allows you to create private threads. If so, you may have wondered what this means. Private threads can be created, but only those in the channel you’ve designated can view them. There’s a simple solution to this problem. To disable private threads, simply sign in to Discord via the web client or desktop app. Next, select the server settings. Select “Permissions for everyone on channel” and then click on “Configure Permissions for Private and Public Threads” to make the change. Alternatively, you can designate a text channel as a “private” one and allow others to create new threads, or disable private threads altogether.

The good news is that Discord is starting the rollout of Threads today. It’s possible to enable Threads on a community server before everyone else, and Discord plans to make threads available on all servers on August 17. You can find out more about the rollout here. You can disable private threads at any time. Archived threads can be read but they can’t be replied to. Discord server administrators can configure the archive time up to three days. Users can use Nitro boosts to enable the archiving time for one week.

Similarly to the previous method, you can also manually disable Discord threads. To do this, first open the desktop version of the service and navigate to the dropdown menu of the server. Once there, click on the “Server Settings” or “Server Overview” button. In this menu, you’ll see “Roles.”

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