How to Disable the TRUCE App

How to Disable the TRUCE App

TRUCE is a mobile app that controls incoming notifications. It allows you to manage audio and visual notifications. The app also supports a “no uninstall” policy and can auto-respond to incoming SMS messages while in a managed zone. This app can also read your contact list when in a managed session.

Uninstalling a mobile app

There are a few different ways you can disable the TRUCE mobile app. First, make sure the Bluetooth is turned on. This is important because the TRUCE app uses Bluetooth energy only when you are paired to it. Enabling Bluetooth will allow the TRUCE app to manage your zone more effectively. It can also allow you to automatically respond to SMS messages while in a managed zone.

Next, disable the bloatware by going to settings > security and privacy > privacy settings > advanced. You can also try disabling apps that require administrator access. These types of apps will take up space on your hard drive and use system resources. Once you disable them, they won’t appear on your phone again.

Fortunately, most apps will allow you to disable them. However, some won’t allow you to do so. If you’re unsure, check the application’s permissions first. It might be a malware.

Setting up a mobile device management policy

Using contextual mobile device management software, such as TRUCE, allows you to set policies that restrict the use of specific apps and features on employee mobile devices. Using this software will prevent employees from engaging in activities that could distract them from their work. Furthermore, since TRUCE is contextual, the settings for specific devices are customized to the worker’s work environment and location.

If you use TRUCE, you will need to enable Bluetooth on your device for it to function. The app requires Bluetooth on cellular data to communicate with the management portal and transfer session data. It also requires Bluetooth to be enabled to prevent excessive battery drain. This is because the TRUCE app will automatically reply to incoming SMS messages when it is in a managed zone.

Mobile device management is not a “set and forget” process, so you will need to review your policy regularly to ensure that it is still effective. This way, you can ensure that your data is safe and secure.

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