How to Disable the LG IMS App

How to Disable the LG IMS AppThe LG IMS app is a service that helps deliver Wi-Fi calling and multi-media services over the IP network. Disabling the LG IMS App will prevent you from making or receiving voice-over-Wi-Fi calls. Although the LG IMS app usually works flawlessly, there are times when you might face some glitches or error messages.

Uninstalling apps

Sometimes you may want to disable the LG IMS app for your phone. The app may be malfunctioning or you may want to prevent it from showing pop-ups. It’s easy to disable this application if you know how to do it.

Resetting network settings

If you are receiving the “IMS stopped working” error message on your LG phone, you should first try to reset your network settings. This can help fix this issue, which typically occurs if the network type is not optimized. When this occurs, the IMS app will crash due to issues with the carrier’s response. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, try changing your network type to LTE/TDSCDMA or GSM. Alternatively, you can put your phone into Airplane mode and wait until it picks up carrier signals again.

Resetting phone’s location service

If you’re having trouble keeping track of where you’ve been, you can try resetting your phone’s location service. Most location-based apps ask for permission to track your location so that they can provide you with relevant services. These include maps, GPS, and weather apps.

Disabling Location service

The first step in fixing your LG ims app problems is to turn off the location service. This will prevent the app from tracking your location and prevent it from interfering with Wi-Fi. This issue may occur when you have recently updated your phone or installed a new app. Try uninstalling or removing any recently installed applications. You can also try switching your phone into flight mode or changing the IP settings.

Resetting Wi-Fi

If you’re unable to use the LG IMS application, you may want to try resetting Wi-Fi settings to fix the problem. Sometimes, LG IMS does not work properly due to a number of different reasons. Some problems include draining the battery or using excessive mobile data. Resetting Wi-Fi will fix these issues and return the app to its previous state.

Disabling Bluetooth

If your LG phone keeps stopping receiving or sending messages, you might be experiencing an IMS (Instant Messaging Service) error. This is caused by an issue with the IMS app’s network type. If this happens, try changing your network settings to GSM, LTE, or WCDMA. You may also want to try turning your phone into Airplane mode. Once your device comes out of this mode, turn it back on and wait until you get a signal from your carrier.

Disabling Wi-Fi

Occasionally, users may encounter problems while using the LG IMS app. This problem occurs when the application pings incorrectly. This can cause the IMS module to stop operating. It may also occur because of conflicting applications. For example, you may have multiple applications that are using the same Wi-Fi network.

Disabling data connection

If you are getting the error message “Location error” when you try to use LG IMS, there is a quick fix that will fix the problem. You can enable Wi-Fi calling or VoLTE. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can try a manual method. This method will require you to access the service menu. To get to the service menu, type the following code: 277634#*# and press Enter. After this, go to the modem settings menu.

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