How to Disable Smart Stay

How to Disable Smart StayIf you want to disable Smart Stay, you’ll need to know how to do so in order to free up more battery life. This feature uses facial recognition for remote access to your phone and can use additional resources. This can drain your battery life, especially during long periods of use. The good news is that you can turn it off, or at least turn it off to lower its blue-light output.

Smart Stay uses a remote form of facial recognition

Smart Stay is an app that utilizes a remote form of facial recognition to prevent your screen from shutting off when you are not looking at it. It also turns off the screen after a specified amount of time if you haven’t been looking at it. You can turn the feature off by navigating to the Advanced Features screen, where you will find an Off button. Once you’ve turned the app off, you can return to the Home page and you won’t see any Smart Stay icons in the Notification Bar.

AI-driven facial recognition can help hotels recognize repeat customers and tailor services based on their habits and preferences. For instance, your room can be set to your preferred temperature, and meals can be pre-ordered based on your preferences. The technology is also used to monitor suspicious travelers and prevent crime.

It hogs battery life

If you’re finding that your phone’s battery life is slowly dwindling, it may be time to turn off Hey Siri. This feature can be disabled under the Settings menu, under Siri & Search. Hey Siri uses up the battery when it listens for the phrase “Hey Siri.” When it hears the phrase, it powers up and prepares for an incoming command. But if you’re not using it, you can turn it off to save power.

It can be turned off

There are a couple of ways to turn off Smart Stay on Android. First, open the Settings app. Then, tap on the Smart Stay icon, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen. When enabled, the Smart Stay feature will keep the display on for as long as you’re looking at it. This is beneficial for reading lengthy articles or watching animated gifs.

If you are concerned about battery life, you can turn off Smart Stay. However, it will consume additional resources. To keep it from hogging battery life, turn off Smart Stay when not in use.

It has a blue-light reduction mode

The Smart stay feature of Samsung’s smartphone is a wonderful feature that allows the display to stay on when the user is looking at it. This is a great feature if you read long articles or do other tasks that require prolonged attention. You can activate Smart Stay by going to the settings and selecting advanced features.

It affects other apps

If you’re wondering how to disable Smart Stay, here’s how: You can go to your phone’s Settings menu and click the “Advanced Features” tab. There, you’ll find an Off button. Click this button to turn Smart Stay off, and return to the Home page. Then, you won’t see the Smart Stay icons on the Notification Bar any more.

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