How to Disable Right Click on Photos

How to Disable Right Click on PhotosIf you have a camera and don’t want people to right-click on your images, you can disable the right-click event on your photos. You can use the console for Chrome or Firefox to unbind the event. You can also protect images with the temporary cache. You can also use preventDefault or tnyMCE, but be aware that not all browsers support these options.


In order to prevent users from right-clicking your images, you can modify the jQuery script. The event handler callback can be set to return false to prevent right-clicks. You can also use CSS selectors. This method works in almost all browsers.

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Disabling the right-click option on your photos will help prevent amateurs from taking your photos and stealing your content. However, it won’t completely solve the problem. Luckily, there are free tools to prevent amateurs from stealing your images. You can download the Snipping tool for Windows, or you can take screenshots by clicking the print screen button. Of course, these methods require photo editing software and knowledge about how to use them.


You can disable the right-click on photos using a script. You just need to use the class name as a selector instead of the ‘img’ tag. Then your visitors will not be able to right-click over the image, and copy the image.

Using the jQuery script to disable right-click is a simple way to remove this functionality from your images. First, make sure you have the jQuery plugin installed. Then add the script to the /head/ and /body tags in your blog.

Special class

There are several reasons why you might want to disable the right click on photos. If you’re a web administrator or a photographer, you might want to prevent unauthorized downloads of your pictures. You could, for example, add a special class to images that blocks right clicks from users who are not logged in. This way, only logged in users can save photos. It is also a good idea to watermark your photos to prevent users from saving them.

However, disabling right click for the whole website is not recommended and it’s not a coding best practice. A better option is to disable the right click menu for individual photos, rather than the entire site.


Disabling right click on your photos is a great way to prevent photo theft. People use screenshots to take images from websites, and then crop and modify them. Disabling the right click on photos will discourage such behavior, and will also prevent copyright infringement. Another way to prevent photo theft is to use watermarks and copyright notices on your images. Envira can help you accomplish both tasks.

Disabling right-click on photos is a great way to protect your work, but it won’t completely prevent amateurs from stealing your photos. You can also take screenshots using the snipping tool that comes with every PC. You’ll need some photo editing software to use these tools, so this option is not for beginners.


Disabling right click on photos is a simple way to protect your images from being stolen by others. Many photographers and designers want to protect their work, and so do Shopify store owners. Disabling the right click on photos can prevent people from saving your images to their computers, or using them to promote other online stores. It’s easy to do, and it requires no coding knowledge.

To make this process even simpler, you can install an extension called Disable Right Click Pro. Disable Right Click Pro has 158 reviews with an average rating of 4.9. It’s installed on more than 1,800 Shopify stores.


If you are using Squarespace to create and host your website, you may want to disable right click on photos. This will prevent the user from right-clicking images and dragging them to their computer. This will make it much harder for users to steal your images. But, this option does not completely protect you. There are still cases when users will be able to right-click images and download them.

To avoid this, you can install a Squarespace extension that will show you which blocks, sections, and websites have right-click functionality. This extension will also show you the id of the website, block, and section. By installing the extension, you can find out which block, section, and logo IDs are associated with each Squarespace website. This way, you can disable right-click for each block or section on your website.


Plugins to disable right click on photos are great for preventing casual image theft. They work by changing the right-click action of images, and preventing people from opening the context menu. Unlike other defenses, however, these plugins won’t stop people who deliberately want to steal your images.

However, you should also note that preventing right-click on photos isn’t a fool-proof solution. It can’t stop everyone from stealing your pictures – but it can keep amateurs from stealing your work. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Even professionals can disable JavaScript on their websites to prevent right-clicking on images.

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