How to Disable OnStar GPS Tracking

How to disable OnStar GPS tracking is quite simple. You need to disengage your vehicle’s power and antenna and disconnect the wires and control box. To turn off the OnStar service, remove the fuse and the control box. Unplug the power and antenna and then turn on the back-up battery. These are the most common ways to disable OnStar. However, it may not be the easiest way.

Unplugging wires

To disable Onstar GPS tracking, you need to first disconnect the wires that connect the unit to the onstar antenna. This wire bundle is found on the back of the unit. Once you disconnect it, you can unplug the antenna without disabling the entire unit. The wires that connect the unit to the onstar antenna will not be visible from outside. It is a small, but important, wire that reports data to Onstar.

To unplug the Onstar wires, you need to pull out the plastic wrap that is on the circuit board. If you don’t find any plastic wrap, you can try rocking the circuit board and then removing the metal pin. Then, put the shell back in the vehicle. Then, put the tire back on the plate and close the trunk. Then, you can restart the Onstar system.

Disconnecting power

There are two ways to disable the Onstar GPS component of your vehicle. First, physically disconnect the power to the system. It is located on the back of the unit. Next, you can disconnect the antenna that receives GPS signals and provides data to OnStar. Once you’ve removed the antenna, you can disconnect the power from the system. This is a good way to remove the GPS tracking component of Onstar without affecting your navigation system or the Bluetooth.

If the signal is poor or intermittent, you can try disabling the OnStar system manually. Alternatively, you can use the OnStar cancellation tool to cancel the service. But this will not disable the OnStar system completely. In either case, you need to disconnect the power to the OnStar control box and remove the fuse. After doing this, the system should no longer communicate with OnStar.

Disconnecting antenna

If you’re experiencing issues with OnStar, you should unplug the navigation antenna on your car. Onstar can track your location by receiving data from GPS signals through the antenna. Unpinning this antenna will block the transmission of incoming and outgoing data, and will also disable the Bluetooth function. If you are trying to prevent your car from tracking your location, you should connect the navigation antenna to a different power source, such as a wall outlet.

The OnStar GPS system uses cellular technology. The navigation antenna is connected to a coax cable that plugs into the vehicle’s communication interface module. This module contains a low noise amplifier that collects constant signals from orbiting satellites. The module collects the current location of your car’s global positioning system (GPS) every time you press a key. You can also turn off this feature by turning off the blue button.

Activating the back-up battery

You can disable OnStar in your car by removing the back-up battery, but you may be wondering if it is a good idea. The answer to this question depends on the model year of your car. The new GM cars will come with backup batteries installed to prevent OnStar from being disabled. In addition to preventing theft, a backup battery can also help to keep your car running properly in case of an emergency.

Removing the trunk still plate

If you are wondering how to disable onstar gps tracking on your Ford Mustang, you must first remove the trunk still plate. The still plate is a small metal box on the right side of the trunk that is attached to the car with four screws. To remove it, unscrew the four screws in each corner of the still plate. Afterwards, pull the still plate out of the car and set it aside. Once you have removed it, you should be able to see the Onstar device that is on the side of the trunk. You can also see the Onstar logo on the side of the sill plate.

To remove the still plate, remove the spare tire cover and the cargo net. This piece of plastic covers the OnStar module and will need to be replaced. Afterwards, you can replace it with a replacement one. You can also replace the plastic plate with a fabric cover if you want to disable onstar gps tracking. Once you have removed the still plate, you can now remove the bolt that holds the spare tire cover in place.

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