How to Disable My Magazine on the Samsung Galaxy S5

If you want to prevent My Magazine from opening on your home screen, you can disable it. The app will open only when you open your news feed, so you can ignore it when you’re not reading it. To avoid the annoying interruptions, disable the application from your home screen. There are many helpful features of the Samsung Galaxy S5, so you may not want to delete it completely.

Flipboard briefing

The Flipboard Briefing app is a magazine-style app that allows you to subscribe to various types of content. Its default location is the leftmost panel of your Home screen. Its purpose is to inform you of events and news related to your interests. It also gives you personalized headlines based on your interests, so you can customize the content you see. However, if you’d like to delete the app entirely, you’ll have to do this manually.

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To permanently disable Flipboard Briefing, go to the Settings menu and open the Galaxy Application Manager. From there, you’ll see a panel listing installed apps. Then, swipe to the right to reveal the Briefing panel. Alternatively, you can pinch your home screen to open all of the panels at once. You can also open the Settings button of the Flipboard app.

Flipboard has a decent visual design, but it doesn’t work in the best way. The app takes up a small portion of the leftmost home screen panel, making it difficult to navigate through the rest of your panels. Furthermore, it uses a lot of battery life and can slow down your device.

Disabling Flipboard briefing is simple and can be done on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. You can also turn off notifications for Flipboard by selecting the app and selecting the toggle icon in your settings menu. Once the toggle icon is turned off, your Flipboard feed will be grey, and you can test it again by sliding to the right side.

News feeds

The My Magazine app provides you with a variety of news feeds. For example, you can choose to receive news notifications only about magazine issues or about featured content. You can also refine the settings in the app to prevent notifications about news you’re not interested in. To do this, expand the notification and tap on ‘Fewer like this’.

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