How to Disable Moisture Detected Error on Samsung S10

How to Disable Moisture Detected Error on Samsung S10When you get the error message ‘Moisture Detected‘ Error on Samsung S10, you will see a picture of a water drop or some message with the words ‘Moisture Detected.’ You can either wipe the phone dry with a hairdryer or set it in front of a fan to remove any excess moisture. If you have no luck using the above methods, you can try the other three.

Using a wireless charger to Disable Moisture Detected Error on Samsung S10

There are several ways to disable the moisture detected error on Samsung S10 and prevent it from showing. You can use a wireless charger. This method will prevent the moisture from settling onto the charging port and triggering the error. It also ensures that you always keep your device charging at the same temperature. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to prevent moisture damage to your device. Read on to find out more.

Firstly, make sure your phone is completely charged before using the method. This method won’t work if you remove the charging cable halfway. After that, you need to hold down the power key until you see the Samsung logo. This will allow you to charge your device in Safe mode. If you’ve got a wireless charger, you can charge your device without a problem. The moisture detector detects moisture at the charging port, so charging while wet can cause electric shock and damage to the device.

Using a bag of rice

A few tips to disable the moisture detected error on Samsung phones can help you solve this issue. Rice has hygroscopic properties, which means that it absorbs relative humidity. Using a bag of rice to dry out your Samsung smartphone can also be effective. In fact, rice will also help your phone charge more quickly. Note that you should avoid placing your phone in the bag of rice if it is wet. You should also rinse your phone with fresh water to prevent the rice grains from clogging the port.

By using a bag of rice to dry out your phone may also fix the moisture detected error on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Using the bag of rice method will help you dry out the device without damaging its port. With the usage of a bag of uncooked rice will ensure that the rice will absorb the moisture. For best results, leave the rice bag on the device for at least 24 hours before removing it.

Drying off the charging port

When using your Samsung S10 smartphone, you may notice a’moisture detected’ error. This error may be caused by a malfunction of the charging port. It might take time to dry off. Samsung’s S10 and S20 phones suffer from this problem. If the error continues to appear, you should try shaking your device in a dry location, preferably under a ceiling fan. You can also use a plastic toothpick wrapped in a thin cotton cloth or tissue paper and gently move it into the USB port.

A moisture-detecting alert will sound on your device once the charging port is wet. This warning will go away when the port is dry. To prevent this error from recurring, you can turn off your device. Afterward, shake your phone to remove the moisture. To dry it completely, wipe the port and remove any loose dirt or dust. If the error continues, repeat these steps. To fix Samsung S10 moisture-detecting error, follow the steps mentioned above.

Disabling fast charging

You can fix the moisture detected error on the Samsung Galaxy S10 by disabling fast charging or rapid charge. To do so, make sure to turn off the phone and connect it to a charger with a USB port. You can force-stop the Android system application by long-pressing the power button. After completing these steps, the phone should be back to normal. If the issue persists, try restarting your phone and disconnecting it from the charging cable.

Another way to fix the issue is by replacing the charging cable or cleaning the USB port. You can also try to remove the error by force-stopping the Android system. Then, follow the steps above. When the process is complete, uninstall any suspicious apps from your phone. Then, connect the charging cable again.

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