How to Disable Lua Errors in Legion

How to Disable Lua Errors in LegionYou may be experiencing the’script ran too long’ error or ‘index is nil’ error in your Decursive game. To fix these errors, follow these steps:

Fixing’script ran too long’ error

Decursive is an add-on for the game that helps fix the’script ran too long’ error in Legion. The problem was caused by the LibDBIcon being embedded in the add-on settings. LibDBIcon is used by other add-ons for their settings. This triggered the massive taint issue that plagued the game for months. Decursive fixes the problem by not generating debug reports when it wasn’t causing the problem. It also adds a micro-unit filtering feature to the player-owned spells and items.

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Fixing ‘index is nil’ error

The ‘index is nil’ error is a fairly common issue that plagues new characters that don’t have proper settings. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to fix it. You can change the default values of your lua files to avoid errors. Here are some tips. Fixing the ‘index is nil’ error in lua legion is easy and can help you enjoy the game more!

First of all, make sure you’re using the latest version of your Lua file. It’s possible that a recent update has caused an error. If you can’t find the right fix for your Lua files, you can use the decompiled files from your game to fix the problem. You can also browse through the history of your game’s Lua file to find out the most common problems.

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Fixing ‘index is nil’ error in Decursive

There are several ways to fix the ‘index is nil’ error that plagues Decursive. For example, if you use the ‘index is nil’ option on the debuffs screen, the event handler gets re-enabled. You can also disable the new version alerts and the default color for the MUFs. Decursive is also now smaller and less static memory-heavy. Besides, it has been updated to fix some common problems. The documentation has been improved and screen shots are now available for the main menu.

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The spell-IDs are now used as the master spell table indexes. This will allow the user to easily remember spell names without searching for them. This also avoids confusion in auto-configuration, which was caused by localized spell names. In addition, a rare race-related condition led to a Lua error, and the spell-id was being used instead. Moreover, AceTimer-3.0 is now reliable again, as it previously had some problems with race conditions. Besides, Decursive now automatically detects cleansing spells gained from Symbiosis.

The latest beta of Decursive has a fix for the ‘index is nil’ error. It now detects Druid Cleanses and Priest Cleanses. The debug reporter is now used to detect Sanity checks, and Decursive will notify the player every five minutes when a report is available. Also, the ‘index is nil’ error no longer affects the Decursive interface, and the debugger won’t be able to detect them anymore.

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