How to Disable International Calls on iPhone

How to Disable International Calls on iPhoneIf you want to block international calls on your iPhone, there are a few steps you can take. You’ll need to create a new contact and add the numbers you want to block to it. After that, any calls coming from these numbers will be filtered. To do this, simply tap on the green Phone icon and scroll down to Calls. Then, tap on Blocked. Next, select the new contact you created. Name it whatever you want and then choose the international phone numbers you want to block.

Silence Unknown Caller

If you want to silence a mysterious caller on your iPhone, you have a few options. Firstly, go to the Settings app and select the Silence Unknown Callers option. This will automatically silence any incoming calls from unknown numbers and direct them to voicemail. However, you can also disable this feature if you expect a very important emergency call to come in.

The other option is to enable the Silence Unknown Callers feature in Settings. This feature can be turned on or off in the Silence Unknown Callers section. The Silence Unknown Callers feature will send unknown calls to your voicemail and show up in your recent calls list. However, you should have all your important contacts saved before turning the feature on or off. In addition, if you have an emergency call coming in, you should save the contact’s details in the phone’s contacts first. This way, you will not miss the call.

Another way to turn off international calls is to use the “contacts only” feature in your iPhone. This option will prevent all calls from unknown numbers but will still let you know when you receive important calls. This feature can also be turned on in third-party apps.

Block Outgoing Calls

When you have international phone numbers on your iPhone, you may want to block them, or at least filter the calls you get. Luckily, there are several ways to do this. You can download an app called Truecaller to block calls, or you can set the phone to silence when an unknown number calls. These solutions can help protect your iPhone’s data management system and keep international calls out of your busy schedule.

First, open the “Phone” app and scroll down to the “Call Silence and Blocked Contacts” section. Next, tap the “Silence Unknown Caller” option. This will silence all incoming international calls and show the number as a missed call on your recent call list.

You can also use third-party apps to block specific numbers from receiving unwanted international calls. Some of these apps even block calls from specific numbers – perfect for preventing scam calls from shady companies.

Dial Assist

When you use the Dial Assist feature on your iPhone, it automatically adds the local or international prefix to the number you’re calling. While this may be useful in some situations, it can also cause problems. When you’re calling from an international country, you’ll want to disable this feature to avoid having trouble.

To disable the feature, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Phone option. From here, you can turn off the feature. Once it’s off, you’ll have to manually enter the country prefix and the local number. You can also use your favorite calling apps to make international calls.

Dial Assist can help you make international calls if you’re calling from the U.S. Dial Assist automatically adds the country code and prefix for calls made from the United States. However, this feature is only available if you’re using a dual SIM phone. If you don’t have a dual-SIM phone, you’ll have to manually enter the number. You can also redial the last number you called.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

One of the easiest ways to block unwanted international calls on iPhone is to install an app that lets you block calls by number. The App Store has a range of options for call filtering. Select the one that you want to install and follow the setup instructions. Once installed, you can start blocking calls and save space in your phone’s memory.

Unexpected international calls on your iPhone are annoying, and sometimes they can be a scam. If you’re receiving an international call from someone who does not have a legitimate number, end the conversation immediately and report the incident to your phone service provider. In other cases, the number may be a throwaway number that has been stolen or hacked. Regardless of the reason, you need to know how to block these calls so you can enjoy your privacy.

Blocking calls on iPhone is possible by enabling the “Unknown Silence Caller” feature. This feature will silent incoming calls from unknown numbers and show up as missed calls in the recent call list. Moreover, you can use Siri to turn call blocking on and off as needed. If you’re subscribed to AT&T, you can also enable a more advanced call control system and detailed caller ID. This will help you block calls from telemarketers and other unwanted callers.

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