How to Disable Hulu Ads

How to Disable Hulu Ads

If you’re wondering how to disable Hulu ads, you’ve come to the right place. The Premium version of Hulu offers you a number of options, including blocking add popups. It also blocks third-party advertising and offers a variety of other features that will make your viewing experience even more enjoyable.

Enounce MySpeed

Enounce MySpeed is a program that is free to download for seven days and blocks Hulu ads. You can use it to speed up the Hulu video streaming service. This program will prevent advertisements from slowing down your video streaming. It will also enable you to fast forward through commercials.

Another method to disable Hulu ads is to use an ad-blocking extension such as Adblock Plus or Blokada. You can also use ad-blocking browser such as Brave, which detects and blocks ads before they appear on a website. You can adjust the settings and toggle between ads and trackers, so that you can control the number of ads that appear on a website.

Another solution to the Hulu ads is to use Enounce MySpeed, which works on iOS devices. This app will block ads on Hulu on its website, on the live TV service, and on mobile devices. You can select between an ad-blocking tier or an SD tier to block ads completely. This program is best for those who want to hide ads from the website, but want to keep the premium subscription and watch live TV without the ads.

Adblock Plus

If you’ve been experiencing problems with Hulu ads, you may have heard about Adblock Plus. This free software helps you block ads on all online video streaming platforms, including Hulu. By blocking ads, this application allows you to watch your favorite shows ad-free. But there is a catch – you’ll have to restart your device and applications afterward to remove the blocking feature.

First, install the Adblock Plus browser add-on on your browser. This application can be downloaded for free and works on both Chrome and Firefox. It will prevent ads on the Hulu website as well as on-demand content. However, this software isn’t 100% effective. Depending on your operating system and your computer configuration, you may notice ads that are only partially blocked.

Another method of blocking ads on Hulu is by using an ad-blocker extension. You can install this extension for free from the Google Chrome Web Store. This extension will allow you to watch Hulu without ads, but you’ll have to turn off the privacy and security settings of your browser.


If you’d like to block ads on Hulu, you can download Blokada, an Android application. This app will block advertisements and replace them with blank screens. Although this app won’t block all Hulu ads, it will block most of them.

Blokada is a free third-party utility app that blocks ads, pop-ups, and malware. It is available for most Android devices, as well as TV devices like FireStick. The annoying ads can ruin your viewing experience, and some ads may even be malicious.

While you can install Blokada on your Android device, it is not as easy to do the same process on your iPhone. Apple requires that each app go through an approval process. For this reason, you can’t install Blokada directly on your iPhone, but you can download Blokada from Google Play. The paid version has a VPN and ad-blocking features.

Another method to bypass ads on Hulu is to open the same program on two tabs. One tab should be muted, and you can watch the movie or show in the other tab. You can also mute the volume on the first tab and fast-forward to the second.

uBlock Origin

If you’d like to disable Hulu ads without having to change your browser settings, you should try using uBlock Origin. This is a Google Chrome based ad blocker that can block autoplaying videos, images, and sound elements. It filters web content to block advertisements and other content that could be annoying. This is a free and open-source program that works on any browser.

Another free ad-blocking browser is Brave, which is an ad-free browser with built-in ad-blocking technology. In addition, it uses encrypted HTTPS everywhere it can, which provides a smooth and safe browsing experience.

Another way to block Hulu ads is by editing your computer’s hosts file. To do this, use a text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit, to edit the hosts file. In Windows, you can also change your host file in Control Panel. To access the Control Panel, right-click the Start button and click on the Control Panel menu. Once there, click on Programs and Features.

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