How to Disable Facebook Live Notifications and Auto-Generated Captions

Turning off notifications for Facebook live videos is easy to do. You can turn off the sound that plays when a video starts and turn it off in the Facebook app. The same process goes for turning off the auto-generated captions that appear in videos. If you want to be completely free from these notifications, however, you’ll need to disable the sound that’s included with videos. This feature is incredibly useful and allows you to be more private on Facebook.

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Turn off or hide comments on Facebook

You can turn off or hide comments on Facebook live in two ways. You can choose to delete comments, which require confirmation, or you can hide them altogether. Hide comments will not appear in your profile or timeline, but friends can still leave comments. In both cases, you should choose the latter. To turn off comments, click the ellipsis (three horizontal dots) to the right of a comment. By clicking it, you’ll see the option to delete the comment. If you decide to hide comments, you’ll keep the original comment.

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You can also choose to hide comments from certain people. The “Friends except…” option is similar to the “Close Friends” option. The “Custom” option will hide posts from certain people. You can also choose to hide comments from a specific set of Facebook users. In either case, you can specify the people you want to hide comments from. In the latter case, you can select the group of people you want to hide the post from, including other friends.

If you’re worried about negative comments appearing on your live stream, you can disable the comments section. You can also block specific users or limit the comments to only those who are friends with you. However, blocking users is a long-winded process, because you need to check them all to block comments from coming from them. But if you’re concerned about privacy, you’ll find that enabling this option isn’t very convenient.

Turn off or hide reactions on Facebook

If you want to hide or turn off reactions on Facebook live, you can do so on both desktop and mobile. If you don’t want others to see your reactions, go to Settings and tap Reaction preferences. Reaction counts will be hidden in your profile, but they’ll still be displayed on your friends’ posts and in groups. If you want to turn off reactions completely, you can also disable them in the app.

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First, you need to tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-right corner of your screen. Click Settings & Privacy. Select News Feed. Scroll down to the bottom-right corner of the screen and tap Settings & Privacy. Scroll down to Reaction Preferences and tap the toggle next to “Hide Facebook Reactions on posts.”

If you don’t want to receive reactions on your Facebook Live videos, you can choose to hide them by selecting ‘No Reactions’. This option is available only if you enable the “Undo Sent Reactions” option in the settings menu. In the Facebook application, go to your profile and tap on the three dots to disable the reaction filter. Then, go to the Activity Log and tap on “Interactions.” Next, click on the three dots next to any reaction and tap “Remove.”

Turn off or hide auto-generated captions on Facebook

If you use Facebook live, you might be wondering how to turn off or hide auto-generated captions on your videos. This feature is available for both live videos and video posts on the social network. The good news is that disabling Facebook’s closed captions is simple. Facebook will confirm your decision, but you can choose to disable them all together. Follow these steps to disable closed captions on your live videos:

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First, log in to your official Facebook account. Go to the “Account” menu from the top right corner. From there, select “Settings.” Next, navigate to the “Videos” tab in the left side menu. Scroll down and tap “Show subtitles for videos.” Turn off or hide auto-generated captions on Facebook live with these two easy steps:

Next, go to the settings page of your live video and look for the option to turn off or hide Facebook captions. By doing so, Facebook will no longer add captions to your live video automatically. If you turn captions off, you’ll have fewer viewers. If you don’t want to disable captions, you’ll have to turn them on in your settings. To turn them off, click the “Hide” button next to the toggle.

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