How to Disable Everyone on Your Discord Server

Discord allows you to control who can see your messages, but not everyone can see yours. There’s an easy way to disable everyone on your server. First, go to the main page of the server and look for the settings. Click on Permissions. This will open a list of permissions. Scroll down to Discord bots and toggle off the role that you don’t want to see.

Discord server permissions

Changing your Discord server permissions to disable @each and @everyone is simple. Log in to your Discord account and navigate to the settings menu. From the list of roles, click on the ‘@everyone’ and ‘@here’ links. Uncheck the box ‘allow everyone to see this message’ and click ‘Save’. Then, your server will no longer be public.

To avoid unwanted mentions, you can set your channel to ‘Read Only’. Moreover, you can block users from sending you notifications about other Discord channels. If you don’t want your server to be noticed by everyone, you can disable @everyone mentions in your channels. It can help you get some peace of mind. If you’re worried about being a victim of trolls, you can follow the steps below to disable @everyone.

Besides disabling @everyone, you can also disable other privileges in Discord. By disabling @everyone access, you can block muting, viewing chat history, and sending private messages. This is particularly useful when you have a team. The other permissions you can turn off include ‘Send TTS’, ‘View Audit Log’, and ‘Edit Messages’.

Discord keyboard shortcuts

If you want to chat with others without bothering everyone else, Discord has some useful keyboard shortcuts for you. Most expert users rely on these keyboard shortcuts to make the process easier. The good news is, you can’t change or remove them. These features are hard-coded into the app. Bots are increasingly playing a large role in communication apps. But there are ways to avoid the annoying consequences of bots.

For example, instead of saying “Hi, everyone” to everyone in your channel, you can type “@here” to send your message to people who are online. Instead of blasting your entire chatroom with a blast of notifications, you can send a direct message to the people who are online and invisible. By default, @everyone notifications are sent to everyone. However, you can disable this feature by simply toggling off one role at a time.

Another method is to change your display name on the server. This command allows you to replace your username with the name of the user you’re chatting with. This is handy when you want to avoid being “spoiled” by spoilers. However, be aware that this command has a tendency to be abused. If you’re using this method, you should ensure that you’ve set appropriate permissions for it.

Discord bots

You may have noticed a nagging “@everyone” mention on your Discord channel. This is because some users use the feature to provide updates and reminders, and others abuse the system to create a cluttered stream. To stop annoying notifications from being sent to you, set your Discord channel to “Read Only” or disable @everyone mentions entirely. Then, simply follow these steps.

In Discord, you can also disable bots from joining your channel by changing server settings. This can be done by editing the bot’s name, role color, and profile image. You can also adjust the bot’s permissions and turn off its ability to send notifications to everyone. It is important to note, though, that removing some permissions will make it impossible for the bot to function properly.

The last option is to remove a bot from your server. In the settings of your server, click the “x” next to the bot name. Then, follow the instructions on the message. The bot’s mention will then be hidden until you uncheck it. If you want to enable this option, you must be an administrator of the Discord server. By doing so, you will prevent bots from spamming your channel.

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