How to Disable Engine Idle Shutdown

How to Disable Engine Idle ShutdownIf you are looking for a way to disable an automatic engine idle shutdown, you might try watching a video to learn how. You may also be able to use a manual override. But you’ll have to use this method only once or twice. However, if you are looking to prevent unnecessary engine idling, you can use the Control logic feature. It limits the time that the engine can idle for.

Automatically Shutdown the engine when idle time exceeds the first threshold

One of the benefits of automatic engine turnoff is improved fuel economy. An example of this is a micro hybrid vehicle. Which automatically shuts off its internal combustion engine after braking, but restarts it before accelerating again. The auto shutoff feature is configured to stop the engine before a threshold is exceeded. The driver can override the auto shutoff feature by placing the vehicle into PTO mode. Which allowed the driver to continue driving after the automatic shutdown feature is triggered.

The second advantage is that the vehicle will not waste fuel by idling while it is stationary. The software brain of the vehicle will control the speed of the vehicle. Shut it off when the speed reaches zero. To stop the engine, the computer must see steady brake pressure and little to no steering. Similarly, the driver must give the command to restart the engine immediately after releasing the brakes and releasing the clutch.

Automatically shutdown the engine idle after a programmable time

A driver may choose to disable the automatic engine idle shut down feature by manipulating a few switches, but this is not always an effective option. When the engine is idle, it may run a generator to cool a refrigerated truck, a pump on a fire engine, or hydraulics for a crane. In such situations, a driver may “trick” the system by putting the engine into PTO mode, which overrides the idle shutdown feature.

The fleet manager can configure the idle shutdown device to disable the engine if it detects a long idling time.This allows the fleet manager to control idling time while maintaining safety. If the fleet manager wishes to disable this feature, he or she can control the system remotely and override it from the vehicle. The system will not only save on communications costs but also increase operational costs.

Manual overrides are limited to one or two manual overrides before the engine is shut down

During idle, the automatic engine shut down feature may be disabled or overridden, depending on how the vehicle is operated. The idle shut down feature may also be disabled for a predetermined time, or may be active for a predetermined number of times. This feature is typically disabled at idle and can save fuel by reducing the frequency of monitoring the engine’s load.

The engine may running a crane, a pump, or a refrigerated truck. In such situations, the driver is tempted to override the engine controller by placing the vehicle into PTO mode, which allows the driver to override the idle shut down feature. However, if manual overrides are used improperly, the engine may be shut down or the driver may be forced to restart the vehicle.

Control logic for preventing unnecessary engine idling

The system includes an idle shut down override with defeat protection. The controller 32 determines whether the engine operating mode requested by the driver is consistent with the conditions. For example, if the engine is operating to drive a crane or auxiliary device, its load will be greater than the selectable or programmable load threshold. If the condition is inconsistent, the system will activate the idle shut down feature.

A second method involves monitoring the engine load to determine whether the vehicle is idle. Fuel usage is one way to determine the engine load. This is comparable with the estimated idle fuel consumption. A significant difference between expected and actual fuel usage indicates that the engine is idling. This method is effective in detecting engine idling by reducing the amount of fuel consumption.

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