How to Disable Door Ajar on Ford Explorer

How to Disable Door Ajar on Ford ExplorerThe first step to disabling door ajar on your Ford Explorer is to make sure that the key is in the “II” position. This will disable the alarm, and also make it easier for you to get in and out of your vehicle. Next, you should locate the fuse panel cover, which is located underneath the steering column. It has a knob that you can pull down to open. Inside the fuse panel, you should find the largest port. You can purchase a diagnostic reset tool from a local auto parts store. After doing this, you should notice that the door ajar light goes away. Once the reset is complete, you can place the fuse panel cover back in place.

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Repairing a faulty door jamb switch

If you have a faulty door jamb switch in your Ford Explorer, you should replace it to prevent further damage. The switch is relatively easy to replace, and is located on the inside of the door jamb. You can find one at your local O’Reilly Auto Parts store. You will also need to check the switch’s connections. If you notice any signs of corrosion, you should visit a Ford dealer.

In your Ford Explorer, you may notice that the interior lights turn off when you open the door. You may also notice that the interior lights are on, but there is no switch to turn them off. You can locate the fuse box in two locations. One is near the battery and the other is underneath the dashboard. If you can’t find the switch, check the fuses. If there are any blown fuses, you can remove them and replace them.

A faulty door jamb switch can cause the interior lights to be on when you open the doors, but turn off when you close them. The door jamb switch is located in the front or rear door jamb, and is attached to the latch mechanism of the doors. This switch can fail because of repeated use, moisture, or a faulty door hinge. Luckily, the switch is inexpensive to replace and requires only one or two bolts.

A faulty door jamb switch can be easily repaired, but the first step is to remove the fuse in the fuse box. You should also check the door jamb switch’s fitment guide. Using WD-40 or other lubricant, you can clean out the mechanism inside the door. You can also apply WD-40 to the door jamb switch and turn it off. If you have a faulty door jamb switch on Ford Explorer, you can check the door jamb fuse in the fuse panel under the steering column.

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Replacing a faulty door jamb switch

If you have noticed that your Ford Explorer’s door jambs are not closing properly, you may need to replace the door jamb switch. This relatively simple repair will solve the problem and prevent further damage to the door jambs. When troubleshooting a faulty door jamb switch, make sure to test all the door switches to determine which one is responsible for the problem. The driver’s door typically wears out first, as it gets the most usage.

If your door jamb switch is causing the lights to stay on, it may be a sign that your vehicle has a faulty door jamb switch. You can replace this switch yourself by purchasing the necessary parts from an auto parts store. These items can be shipped directly to your Ford Explorer. You can purchase the parts from Advance Auto Parts and have them shipped to your home. This will save you the hassle of visiting a local store or driving around in the dark.

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A faulty door jamb switch can also be caused by a bad accident, or it may be damaged by rust. In some cases, the wiring may short out to the chassis. In the end, you will be able to replace the door jamb switch yourself. This repair can save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of having it replaced at a dealership. But remember that it’s best to consult a mechanic before attempting this DIY repair.

The first thing you should do if you suspect a faulty door jamb switch is the cause of the ajar warning light. If you’ve disconnected the positive battery cable, it will drain the power in the CPU and force the system to reset itself. You can find the fuse panel cover under the steering wheel and locate the door ajar switch. Next, turn off the interior lights on the Ford Explorer.

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