How to Disable Desktop Composition in Windows 10

How to Disable Desktop Composition in Windows 10You can disable desktop composition in Windows 10 by changing a DWORD setting. It is located in the right panel. To disable the feature, you must set it to 0 or 1. This will affect the look of your screen. If you disable it, you will see a “visual theme” on the desktop.

OCULUS Passthrough is now available in virtual time

The Oculus Passthrough API is now available for use in games and other virtual experiences. This API allows developers to use the real world around them to enhance their VR experiences. The first release of the API will be limited to Unity, but it will be expanded to other environments in the future. It is expected to become available for production use by the end of this year, but developers can start testing it now by using the Oculus developer forum.

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Passthrough is available in both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S, and it allows Facebook users to set the real world as their virtual environment. Facebook recently demonstrated this feature during a video about their new Infinite Office feature.

OCULUS Passthrough affects desktop composition

Desktop composition is a low-cost operation, and its reliability is important to maintaining a consistent experience when manipulating windows and switching between apps. However, some heavy rendering apps can cause desktop composition to lag and slow down the system. To solve this problem, you should consider a few tips.

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Disabling desktop composition causes a “visual theme”

If you have a problem with input latency in your games, try disabling desktop composition. Disabling desktop composition and visual themes will allow your games to run at a lower input latency. If you have an NVidia graphics card, you can also set pre-rendered frames to one to improve input latency.

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