How to Disable Crossplay in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, one of the drawbacks of crossplay is the increased queue time. Luckily, there’s a way to disable this feature. Essentially, this will make it so you can only play against other PC users if you’re in the same squad. You’ll be limited to playing against other console players. Here are a few steps to disable crossplay in Apex Legends.

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Drawbacks of disabling crossplay apex in Apex Legends

There are a couple of drawbacks to disabling crossplay in Apex Legends. Disabling crossplay will limit your matchmaking options and increase the chance of experiencing long queue times at higher ranks. You’ll also be playing against more players, thereby reducing the pool of talent. Disabling crossplay is a wise choice for some players, though.

Aside from the obvious performance difference, the fact that PCs typically have better graphics will help you get an edge in the game. While PC gamers have superior game visibility, you’ll still be limited to a small window of time in the game. Also, because of the differences in sensitivity settings between PCs and consoles, disabling crossplay will increase the game’s loading time.

If you’re worried about being left out of the party, you can disable crossplay in Apex Legends. It’s not a big deal if you’re playing with friends from different platforms. Moreover, enabling crossplay for PC and Nintendo Switch players will prevent them from spoiling your party. But it’s definitely not recommended for Nintendo fans.

Although crossplay is an important feature of Apex Legends, it’s not required. You can turn it off or on at any time. The switch is easy to enable. It’s already enabled when you start the game. That means that players from one console can match with another. However, players from PC can only match with PC players if another console player is available.

Increasing queue times

Disabling crossplay on Xbox One may increase queue times. This can be a temporary solution, however, until the game has a full release. You can find this option in the Settings menu. If you want to disable crossplay on Xbox One, you can uncheck the box under Privacy. Then, you should see an increase in queue times. During peak hours, you probably won’t notice this delay.

There’s a tradeoff to crossplay, but you can play with your PC friends. Having a friend on the same platform gives you an advantage in the battle royale. If you’re using a mouse, the game will feel much more responsive than a controller. But if you’re using a console, you can turn off crossplay for all platforms. However, this will almost certainly increase queue times, so you might want to disable crossplay for a few days before you plan on putting yourself in a dangerous position.

Disabling crossplay in Apex Legends is a temporary solution to increasing queue times. It will reduce the number of lobbies available for multiplayer on each platform and prevent players from crossing over. However, it may increase the queue times when playing with friends on other platforms. Regardless of how long the queue time is, it will be worth it when the game’s crossplay feature is released.

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