How to Disable Comments on a DeviantArt Journal

How to Disable Comments on a DeviantArt JournalIf you don’t want to receive comments on your artwork, here is how to disable them. To disable comments, go to the settings of your DeviantArt account and click on “Block other users.” Afterwards, you can click on the big “EDIT” button on the right-hand side of the page and edit the post. This allows you to remove or edit any comments that are posted about your work.

Creating a journal

If you are creating a DeviantArt journal, you can disable comments. This option is available on your profile page and on your home page. You can also choose it under the posts tab. This option is similar to the status and favorite buttons but with additional features. You can select the type of comment you want and how long people are expected to take to read it.

Disabling comments when creating a Devianart journal is not difficult, but it is recommended to use it carefully. While the default setting is “no comments”, some core members have more options. These features include the ability to request critiques of their artwork, adding as many widgets as they want, and choosing from hundreds of journal skins.

Commenting on other’s work

There are a few ways to disable comments on other people’s work on Deviantart. First, you need to know what deactivation means. When you disable comments on another person’s work on DeviantART, the commenter’s account becomes inaccessible. The commenter’s profile becomes invisible to other users and their portfolio is deleted after 21 days. However, the commenter’s name is still visible, but it’s greyed out and not clickable.

Another method is to follow the suggestions given by the DeviantART community. It’s important to interact with others as often as possible, and this will increase your chances of receiving repeat viewers. But, you must be prepared to encounter a few ‘bad apples’ and abide by the rules. If you come across a user who’s abusive, it’s important to block them. Also, try to stay positive and helpful, as that will encourage them to stick around and comment on your artwork in the future.

Editing a journal

If you are not comfortable answering comments on your DeviantART journal, you can edit it to disable them. You can also change the number of thumbnails displayed. You can also choose a skin from hundreds of different options. For core members, there are extra options to customize their journal. Among them, you can request critiques for your artwork.

However, you must be aware of the risk of viruses and other malicious software. It is advisable to keep your computer virus protection up-to-date and remind your teen not to click on ads.

Closing a journal

Closing a Deviantart journal is a simple process that will remove your username from the site. This will prevent others from commenting on your artwork or journal. DeviantArt will send you an email to confirm the deletion of your account. Once the process is complete, you will no longer have access to your account and your portfolio will be deleted. If you want to return to DeviantArt later, you can reactivate it, but you can’t use your old username.

Before you do this, be sure that you have a system in place to track and respond to any deviations from your original rules. If the comments don’t meet these standards, you can take disciplinary measures or terminate the user. Be sure to provide feedback to any commenters, regardless of whether they are fans or not. This will show your fans that you are responsive and care about their feedback. The more engaged your fans are with your work, the more likely they will stay with you in the future.

Adding a blog to your deviantART page

The Share Tools feature on DeviantArt has led to much debate, and the use of them has split the DeviantArt community into camps. Some people applaud the new feature, while others are adamantly opposed to it. The vocal group sees Share Tools as a threat to the community and artistic practice.

Many people use DeviantArt as a place to post their creations and interact with other artists. However, the site has become outdated. Although the community has made efforts to improve its experience, these efforts aren’t enough to bring back the users that once frequented it.

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