How to Disable Bluetooth on Windows

Whether you are trying to unpair your Bluetooth-enabled printer or simply disable Bluetooth on your PC, the following steps will help you. Whether you’re a power user or just want to change the default settings, these methods will help you to remove Bluetooth from your PC. Read on to learn how to disable Bluetooth on Windows and avoid any future problems. This article will show you how to remove Bluetooth from Windows using the Windows Registry.

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If you’d like to disable Bluetooth discovery and association, you can do so through the settings of Intune. By default, Intune allows Bluetooth devices to connect automatically. However, you can disable Bluetooth access by disabling the radio. Disabling Bluetooth access also disables the Bluetooth control panel radio. When you disable Bluetooth, you will not see advertisements or other Bluetooth-related content. You can use this setting if you’d prefer to disable Bluetooth on your PC.

Disable Bluetooth discovery and association in IntUNE is a simple process. To disable Bluetooth, you can set the maximum minutes of inactivity before the device locks. This setting is not documented in Intune, but you can see it by creating a device configuration profile and selecting the Settings Catalog. Intune lets you control many different Windows client device settings, such as the lock screen, password rules, and Microsoft Defender. By adding a setting to your device configuration profile, you can deploy it to Windows client devices.

Windows Registry

To disable Bluetooth discovery and association, navigate to the Windows Registry in ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Double-click the Bluetooth device key and check the Name value. To remove the device, right-click the key and choose Delete. After removing the device, reboot your computer to clear its configuration. This process should disable Bluetooth and remove any traces of the device. To re-enable Bluetooth, you may have to reboot the computer.

There are two ways to disable Bluetooth discovery and association on a PC. First, you need to check the CSP policy that affects the Bluetooth A2DP profile. If the CSP policy is active, your PC is unable to discover a new Bluetooth device. Disabling Bluetooth discovery and association will disable all Bluetooth capabilities in the PC. This is useful for preventing BSODs that occur when you connect a new Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth device name

You can disable Bluetooth device name discovery and association on your Bluetooth settings in order to prevent others from discovering your device. There are several reasons to disable this process, including security concerns. Bluetooth technology, even the latest version, is not completely secure. The wireless Bluetooth traffic is not encrypted, and you should not permit it to run in high-security environments. Disabling Bluetooth device discovery and association is a good practice for all Bluetooth users.

To enable this feature, you must disable Bluetooth in Windows. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon and choose “Modify” and then change the value to “Disable Bluetooth device name discovery and association.” You can also change this setting in the system BIOS if you are a developer. After disabling Bluetooth device name discovery and association, you can restart your computer. You should also remember to reboot your computer after making the change.

Resetting PINs

You can use the Registry Editor to disable or enable the PIN requirement setting. To do this, you must perform technical steps on your computer. In addition to changing the key, you must create the required values for the PIN. Open the Run dialog box on your computer by pressing Windows + R. Then, navigate to the ‘Bluetooth’ sub-tab in the registry editor. Select ‘Reset PINs to disable Bluetooth discovery and association’ and click OK.

If your device doesn’t support PINs, you can try to reset the default values by following these instructions. If the problem persists, try disabling Bluetooth passkey on your Windows 10 PC. This method can fix many common Bluetooth PC errors. The Windows registry contains a hidden blacklist of Bluetooth MACs. Then, try pairing the two devices again. This method works well for most Bluetooth devices.

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