How to Disable Autocorrect on iPhone

How to Disable Autocorrect on iPhoneYou might be wondering how to disable autocorrect on iPhone. It has gotten better, but you might still prefer turning it off. In this article, we’ll show you how to disable Autocorrect on iPhone. First, you need to reset the keyboard dictionary. This will delete all the words it has learned from your typing habits. After that, you need to enable the option again. Then, follow the steps outlined below.

Reset keyboard of iPhone dictionary to erase Autocorrect words it has learned from typing

To remove words from the keyboard’s dictionary, swipe the word you don’t want to type into the trash can. After the words have been deleted from the keyboard, they won’t be offered again when you type. This feature is available in both Android and iOS. The keyboard settings can be found in the System menu. To access the keyboard settings without launching the keyboard, open the device settings by tapping the lock icon. Then, tap on System and then scroll down to General.

To reset the keyboard dictionary, go to Settings > General & Reset. On your device, tap on Reset. On your iPad, tap on the button labeled “Reset keyboard dictionary.” A message will pop up asking if you want to continue or cancel the process. Tap OK to confirm your action. Your keyboard will then remove all words it has learned from typing and will start over fresh.

If you’ve added words to the keyboard’s dictionary to speed up your typing, you can do a manual reset to remove these words. You will need a password to complete the process, and your iOS device will prompt you for a password. If you don’t want to enter your password, simply tap the Cancel button. Then, your keyboard dictionary will be restored to default settings.

Disabling predictive text is another way to stop the iPhone from learning words. To disable predictive text, you can go to Settings > General, and scroll down to Reset. This option will allow you to disable predictive text and autocorrect. While these options will stop the words from being added to the dictionary, they will still suggest the word. If this doesn’t work, try turning off predictive text or autocorrect.

To disable the history feature in Gboard, access the settings menu for the keyboard and tap the Reset button. Then, tap the Reset button. This will reset the keyboard dictionary and the history of the last words you typed. A password will be required to proceed to restore the vocabulary of the keypad. If you are still experiencing problems with spelling, you can reset the dictionary again to erase the words that it has learned from typing.

Reset keyboard dictionary

Resetting the keyboard dictionary on your iPhone will remove any words you don’t want to be suggested by the predictive text feature. Resetting this feature will remove all of the words your phone has already learned, as well as any suggestions it’s made. You can then manually type the word you want to be suggested, or tap backspace to remove the incorrect suggestion. Ultimately, this method is the best way to turn off predictive texting.

To reset the keyboard dictionary, navigate to Settings > General >> Reset. From here, tap the Reset Keyboard Dictionary option to delete all words the autocorrect feature learned from your typing. Once you’ve finished deleting words, you can continue using the keyboard as normal. After a few days, the autocorrect feature should no longer pick up on strange words. However, if the problem continues, you can restore the dictionary from a previous backup.

Once you have successfully completed the process, open the settings menu on your iPhone. Click on the keyboard icon, and tap “Reset keyboard dictionary.” You will be prompted to enter your passcode before proceeding. A pop-up message will appear beneath your display. After the message appears, tap on “Reset dictionary”. Then, the keyboard will be restored to its default settings. Now, your phone will no longer offer suggestions based on learned words.

There are two methods for removing words from autocorrect on the iPhone. You can either delete words or import additional dictionaries. Once you’ve completed this, you can disable autocorrect on iPhone and resume typing in any language you wish. While you’re at it, remember to always check your spelling. You don’t want to accidentally spell something and end up with an error message. This is a great way to get rid of autocorrect on iPhone.

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