How to Disable AP Isolation on Your ARRIS Router

How to Disable AP Isolation on Your ARRIS RouterIf you’ve been wondering how to disable AP Isolation on your ARRIS router, you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, there are a couple of options. You can either add a port trigger rule or use an AP jailbreak.

AP Isolation

If you are worried about the security of your wireless network, you can disable AP isolation on your Arista router. The feature is designed to prevent unwanted hacking and interlopers from accessing the network. But sometimes it can invite unwanted hackers. If you need to disable AP isolation on your Arista router, follow these steps:

First, make sure all your devices are connected to the router. Also, make sure that the modem is plugged into the router using an Ethernet cable. After ensuring that the router is connected, open the router admin panel and enter the IP address of the router. The IP address will display a list of settings, and you can disable AP isolation. After that, reboot your router.

Adding a port trigger rule

Adding a port trigger rule to disable Ap Isolation on an Arris router can be a simple, yet effective, way to secure your network. The Arris router uses muhttpd software to run its web administration portal, which has three bugs – one of them critical and two of them impractical to exploit. The software is used in both Arris routers and white label/OEM products from other vendors. Fortunately, Arris has been quiet about the bugs and has not issued any public statements.

The D-Link DSL-2750B DSL gateway is vulnerable to a bug that’s been causing problems for more than two years. The ISPs that distributed these routers have halted production of them, and they should be replaced immediately. The bug allows remote command execution without authorization. The user can use a “cli” parameter to execute a binary that allows them to obtain a wifi password and the admin password.

Using an AP jailbreak

There is a bug in Aruba’s muhttpd software that makes it easier to exploit the AP isolation feature of its routers. The software is outdated, with the latest version coming out in June 2022. This makes it very easy for a malicious person to exploit the vulnerability and install any firmware, including malicious firmware. Fortunately, the bug is not as severe as it may sound, and it’s relatively easy to fix.

This vulnerability makes it possible for a remote bad guy without a password to gain complete control of a vulnerable device. Since these devices accept Telnet connections, a bad guy could send malformed Telnet options to the vulnerable device and execute arbitrary code. To learn more, read this Threatpost article.

This vulnerability is present in D-Link DSL-2750B DSL gateways. The bug has been known for 2 years, and many ISPs that gave away these routers have stopped selling them. If you have one of these gateways, you should replace it as soon as possible. This bug lets someone remotely execute arbitrary commands on your router without authorization. The bug involves using the “cli” parameter to execute an unauthenticated binary called ayecli. Depending on the parameters that are passed, the attacker can even obtain the wifi password and admin password.

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