How to Disable Anti-Theft Shopping Cart Wheels

How to Disable Anti-Theft Shopping Cart WheelsIf you’re wondering how to disable anti-theft shopping carts, you’re not alone. This article will show you how to reverse engineer a cart’s security mechanism. This technology is based on 555 timers and uses a magnetic signal to lock down the cart’s yellow cowl. This prevents the wheels from touching the ground and makes it difficult to move the cart.

Disable anti-theft shopping cart wheels

Anti-theft shopping carts are equipped with metal protrusions that disable the front wheels. This prevents them from being tilted or pushed off a parking lot. These carts are commonly supplied by grocery stores. The wheels are fixed in place on a frame and have a basket on the top. They are used by shoppers all over the world.

The mechanism has two versions. One is called CAPS, and requires a store technician to unlock it. The other is called GS2, and it can be reset remotely. It also has more stopping power and a longer range. Regardless of which model you buy, you will want to make sure the wheels are locked before leaving your store.

Inventronics’ Wheel

The anti-theft shopping cart wheel can prevent cart theft by locking at the entrance and exit of the store. It can also transmit an acoustic signal to warn store staff. Another feature is Check Out Security, which links with a CCTV system to give store managers a clear view of the perpetrators of planned theft. When a customer exits the store without paying, the cart picks up a signal and stores it until the customer pays at the check out.

The invention is based on a custom electronic wheel which replaces the standard caster. It is fitted with a locking pin which selectively engages series of holes 18 on the inner face of the wheel. The wheel cannot be rotated until the store employee unlocks it.

The anti-theft shopping cart wheel is secured to the shopping cart by a magnetic system. Once unlocked, the arming magnet 22 attracts the lower magnet 62 on the door jamb 58, which causes the assembly to pivot clockwise. The lock-out pin 42 then swings out of engagement with the latch pin 36, preventing the wheel from pivoting in the opposite direction.

GS2 locking system

One way to disable the wheels of a GS2 locking system is to remove the GS2 battery. This is a convenient option, but it may cause the wheels to stop locking. You’ll need a CR123A 3V lithium battery and a coin to remove the battery cover.

Once you’ve removed the battery, you can unlock the cart’s wheels with a Gatekeeper CartKey. Place the CartKey between 18 inches and 48 inches from the wheel. Press the “Unlock” button and wait ten seconds. After the ten seconds, the cart must be moved to a safe location.

The GS2 locking system consists of two separate components, a signal receiver and a locking mechanism, both of which are built into the wheels of shopping carts. While the CAPS locking system can only be reset by store employees, the GS2 locking system allows you to perform the reset remotely. It also offers better stopping power.

Price Chopper’s loss prevention system

A loss prevention system enables Price Chopper to track and disable anti-theft shopping cart wheels. The system is triggered by infrared beams that are triggered when the cart wheels leave a specific area. This prevents carts from being removed without going through the checkout line. The loss prevention system also helps store employees stay safe by providing a visual and audible alarm to discourage shoplifters.

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