How to Disable an Alien Billboard in Fortnite

If you are wondering how to disable alien billboard, there are several ways to do so. The first method involves detecting subliminal messages. To do this, you must be close enough to the billboard to trigger the detector. However, if you’re not close enough, you may not be able to detect the message. Alternatively, you can try to find a distant alien billboard and see if the ad changes from ‘SUBMIT’ to ‘SUBMIT.’


The game contains an in-game quest that requires you to disarm all alien billboard detectors. The billboards look like regular advertisements, such as those for cat food, but hide a secret from you. Once you disable them, the billboards display the message ‘SUBMIT’ instead of ‘Alien Food’. Doctor Slone orders you to disarm all alien billboard detectors as part of his Week 9 Legendary challenges.

To disable an Alien Billboard, use your Fortnite detector. You must find it and make it to the billboard before the enemy reaches it. To disarm an Alien Billboard, you must reach it within a few steps. The next step is to sneak up on an alien billboard and use the device to disable it. If you can’t reach it within a minute, you’ll have to re-enter the game and use the detector again.

Alien Billboards

In the game, you can disable alien billboards in two different ways. One is to equip the Alien Signal Detector, and the other is to use a certain object that is near a billboard. To use the Alien Signal Detector, approach a black glowing case and press the ‘Equip Alien Signal Detector’ button. In the game, it will change the message of the billboard from ‘SUBMIT’ to ‘DISABLE’, and you can go back to completing the quest.

The second method involves using the Detector, or a device that can detect hidden objects. The Detector can be found in various locations around the island, including the main POIs and areas with a large number of buildings. You can equip this item and disable the alien billboard in the same match to complete the quest. In addition, you can use a special item called a “Detector” to locate these hidden objects, which will turn the billboards into ordinary advertisements.

Legendary quests

In Week 9 of Fortnite, you must equip a Detector and dismantle an alien billboard. In order to complete the quest, you need to find the Detector in a certain location and get to it in just one match. You can find the Detector in several locations, but only one is easy to find. Follow the steps below to learn how to disable an alien billboard.

Detector – You can equip it next to the fountain on the eastern half of town. The Detector will reveal the location of the Alien Billboard. You can use it to get a better view of the Billboard. It is also necessary to equip Detector to perform the quest successfully. You can also use Detector to detect enemy trespassers. This way, you can eliminate more alien trespassers and complete the challenge in one game.

Detectors in Dirty Docks

To complete the quest ‘Disable Alien Billboard Detector’ in ‘Dead Island’, players must equip the device and then go to a place with a lot of buildings. This is a challenging task, and the most effective way is to land on the water fountain near Misty Meadows. In this location, the alien billboard detector is inside a black crate, and you need to equip it after running past a park bench, large tree, and a shop. When you run close to the billboard, it will display the message ‘SUBMIT’. If you press the button ‘E’, you’ll be able to disable the alien billboard.

First, you need to find a billboard detector. There are three places you can find one in Dirty Docks. You can also use the Catty Corner detector, which is located in the northern part of the location. You can also locate the Misty Meadows detector in the southern entrance to the compound. The southwestern part of the location contains a billboard, while the southern part is occupied by another billboard.

Catty Corner

A Billboard Alien Detector can be equipped in the main POIs and in areas with a lot of buildings. Using it can be an effective way to find the Alien Billboard in Catty Corner. These are placed at different locations around the island. You can equip it at the same time and disable the alien billboard. The following steps can help you find the Alien Billboard.

In the game, you must equip the Alien Signal Detector and then approach the black glowing case. Then, press ‘Equip Alien Signal Detector’ to activate it. You’ll see a small message box pop-up on the screen. After you’ve equipped your Detector, you must disabling the Alien Billboard in Catty Corner will unlock the challenge.

Misty Meadows

In the east of the map is a new Alien Billboard. This alien is located in the Misty Meadows area, east of the fountain in the town square. This is the easiest way to complete the challenge. You will need to use your detector, located in a black crate, to locate the billboard. You must also interact with the alien billboard in order to disable it. You can do this by holding E on your keyboard.

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The Alien Billboard in Misty Meadows is an advertisement for Meowscle’s Morsels cat food. Upon closing the billboard, an ominous ‘SUBMIT’ message will be displayed. The Billboard’s message will change to ‘SUBMIT’, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to ignore it or use it to your advantage.

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