How to Disable ALC in Apex Legends

How to Disable ALC in Apex LegendsIn Apex Legends, there are a few different ways to disable ALC. ALC is the sensitivity setting for each Optic. By default, it is off. Advanced players can adjust the sensitivity settings. The ALC setting allows you to set custom sensitivity settings for each Optic. The settings are displayed on the top of the Control Panel. By default, the ALC setting is off.

No Recoil

You’re probably wondering what to do if you’re getting no recoil when disabling ALC in Apex Legends. ALC stands for Advance Look Control and is a game-controlling option. If used properly, ALC can make you a better player, improve your aim and control recoil. In addition, you’ll be virtually invincible and have better control of your character’s movement in solo battles. Here are a few settings to change to get the best ALC controller controls in the game.

First, make sure that your weapon has the right layout. Choosing the wrong layout can cause your mods to fail, so make sure to select the appropriate layout for your thumbstick and buttons. You can also check out the TIKTOK accounts to see which layouts are best suited for your game controller.


Deadzone is a feature that prevents the player from interacting with their surroundings while in the game. This feature is necessary to play first-person shooter games such as Apex. Generally, the deadzone is minimized when the player moves slowly in the direction of the adjustment. The deadzone value can be adjusted by going to the Sensitivity tab in the KeyMander software. To increase or decrease the deadzone, you need to click on the arrow in the middle X-Y axis. Then, you can select Auto or Custom.

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In Apex Legends, you can also disable Deadzone by changing the controller settings. To disable this feature, you must first disable Inverted Look, Advanced Look Controls, and Advanced Look Controls. This will allow you to focus on your fight without having to worry about the vibration.

Outer Threshold

If you want to disable ALC in Apex Legends, you must first enable Ramp-up ALC settings. This setting determines how much time you will have to reach your maximum speed. The higher your Ramp-up Time, the longer it will take for you to reach your peak speed. On the other hand, lowering your Ramp-up Time will make it easier for you to reach your peak speed without the delay.

The ALC setting is an advanced feature of Apex Legends. You can customize the sensitivity settings of each Optic in the game. Usually, this setting is disabled, but you can adjust it to suit your preferences.

Target Compensation

One of the most annoying features in Apex Legends is the Target Compensation. This setting is an extra aim assist and affects your reticle speed. This feature is not necessary for all players and can cause a major boost in aiming. Instead, turn off this feature if you don’t need it.

The Target Compensation style can be found on the console or PC’s Options menu. The two options are PC and Default. The former will give you 50% more aim assist while the latter will give you 0%. However, PC gamers should have a higher aim assist than console users as they have better framerates and performance.


If you want to disable the ramp-up in Apex, there are two ways to do so. Firstly, you can adjust the ramp-up time. Beginners should keep this setting at a reasonable value. The higher the time, the less control you’ll have over your aim. Advanced players, however, should turn it off completely. This will allow you to control your speed and aim without the extra delay.

Secondly, you can change the ADS settings. These settings are used to automatically generate the price ramp line for your products. You can change these settings to fit your specific style of play. For example, you may want to turn off the ramp for your charges if you normally aim at an enemy, and enable ramping for the rest of the time.

Responsive Curve

Apex Legends’ Responsive Curve setting is a vital part of the game if you want to take accurate and steady shots. You can change it in the game settings to suit your preferences. However, it is important to keep in mind that adjusting it will affect your aim in certain situations.

The Responsive Curve is adjustable in the game’s controller settings as well as movement/aiming. There are five Responsive Curves, and the Classic curve is considered the best balance.

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