How to Disable Ads in Skype

How to Disable Ads in SkypeIf you want to disable ads in Skype, there are several ways to do it. You can disable ads through the Internet Options in Windows Control Panel, and you can also disable ads through the user’s data in the Skype app. Either method will work, and you can select whichever one you prefer.

Remove ad placeholders from chat window

If you are sick of seeing those ads in your Skype chat window, you can simply remove them. To do this, you need to open the Skype config file in Notepad. Once inside, use the Ctrl + F keys to find the word “AdvertPlaceholder”.

After you have done this, restart Skype. It will be reloaded with an empty sidebar. To remove the ads, you should go into the config file and change the AdvertPlaceholder value to zero. You may also need to disable the Remote Servers and peer functionality.

The next step is to go into your Windows‘ Control Panel. Open the Control Panel by pressing the Windows + S keys. Type “control panel” in the search bar. Then, click the Security tab. Next, click “Internet Options.” This should open the Internet Properties window.

If you want to remove ads from Skype, you’ll have to make some changes. First, you need to open Skype in a separate window. You can choose a split window view or compact sidebar view. Then, click the contacts you want to chat with to open their chat window.

After you have made the changes above, you can disable the ads in your Skype chat window. You can also disable the personalized ads that Microsoft sends you by using the profile data you entered on Skype. By doing this, you can make Skype completely free of any unwanted ads. There are some other ways to get rid of these ads, so please share in the comments section below.

Remove ad from Action Center

You can easily remove a Skype ad from the Action Center on Windows 10 by removing the Get Skype app from your system. First, you have to open Cortana. Then, go to Settings, System, Notifications & Actions. There, you can turn off the Cortana search box. If the ads still appear, you can try turning off the Action Center toggle switch. In addition, you can also uninstall the Get Skype app from the Settings, Apps & Features.

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