How to Disable a Starter Interrupt Device

Often times the start-stop button is located on the engine block. But if it doesn’t start, you can disable this switch in the car. Thankfully, this kill switch does not drain the batteries, which makes it a perfect solution to block GPS tracking. If you’re concerned that the kill switch will drain the battery, you can also install a GPS spoofing app. You’ll find the device on the engine block, or sometimes even on the battery itself.

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Enable Starter

A newer version of an onboard starter interrupt device incorporates GPS functionality and payment schedule enforcement functions. With this functionality, the vehicle’s location can be transmitted to an operations center. This transmission can be triggered by events, such as a request from the operations center, unauthorized use or tampering, and driving outside of a geo-fenced area. The device can then take appropriate action, such as disabling the vehicle’s ignition if it detects an unauthorized drive.

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While many states have passed legislation that permits the use of starter interrupters, the federal government has not yet adopted such a regulation. Only California, Connecticut, and Colorado have laws regarding this type of device. Those states have different requirements for the installation of a starter interrupter, such as providing proper notice to the borrower and obtaining his or her consent before installing one. In some states, it is also prohibited if there is a risk to public health, such as California.

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Disable Late Payment

A new device may allow landlords to remotely disable a renter’s vehicle when they are late on a payment. Starter interrupt devices are common in many types of car leases, and they allow for flexible payment enforcement. According to a co-pending U.S. patent application, filed on Feb. 7, 2006, the device’s configuration can be controlled via software in an operations center. Upon receiving a message from the operations center, the device will disable a vehicle.

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Lenders justify using the Starter Interrupt Device by claiming that it has improved their customers’ financial situations, making hundreds of thousands of cars available to people with bad credit. They say the devices are a valuable tool for keeping borrowers on top of their payments. And, they note, the number of late payments has gone down from 29% to just 7% since the devices were first introduced. Interestingly, lenders say that they know the reasons why borrowers are late, and they will often call them before disabling their cars.

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PassTime GPS

If you’re wondering if your car has a Starter Interrupt Device, you may be surprised to know that it can be disabled. The device, which can interfere with your vehicle’s starting system, can be disabled by a two-hour seminar hosted by PassTime GPS. It can also be programmed to enable and disable the device based on the vehicle’s VIN and Serial Number. However, if you’re in a situation where the device may be harmful to you or others, you must call 9-1-1.

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Some car finance companies require their customers to install this device. This technology can track a vehicle and disable it remotely if it’s in arrears. Some of the most reputable systems allow emergency calls to start the car if the owner is unable to make their payments. Some people are concerned about privacy concerns, but it’s worth considering the many benefits of installing one before you drive a car.


If you own a fleet of trucks, buses, or even heavy equipment, you may want to disable the MiFleet Starter Interrupt Device. This device helps businesses monitor and control their fleet by blocking the ignition of vehicles when needed. This device is an ideal solution for companies dealing with high-risk assets and equipment. Its innovative technology can help you gain greater control of your fleet. For example, you can disengage the ignition of a disabled vehicle while it is in traffic or near an airport.

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Starter Interrupt Devices can also be used to track subprime loan vehicles. This system disables the engine’s starter solenoid and alarm horn. The lenders can then remotely disable the vehicle’s engine and collect payments. This method is very effective in increasing on-time payment rates. It is also available as an override. But if you’re concerned about privacy, you should know that SIDs are not the only solution to this problem.

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