How to Disable a Nissan Factory Alarm

If you are wondering how to disable a Nissan factory alarm, you may be in the right place. Often, you can disable it by unlocking the doors with the correct remote fob. The same thing can also be done by grounding the YELLOW/RED wire. Grounding this wire is like turning the Key to the unlocked position. The immobilizer relies on backup batteries.

Unlocking the doors with the right remote fob will shut down most fabric alarms

If the car is equipped with an alarm, it is important to know how to shut it off. First, make sure you have the right remote fob. Unlocking the doors with the right remote fob will shut down most Nissan factory alarms. To unlock the doors, press the lock and unlock buttons on the remote fob. Pressing them repeatedly may result in the alarm going off. If that doesn’t work, you can try to turn off the alarm remotely.

Some vehicles also come with a panic button that will let you disarm the alarm if you accidentally step on it. Locate the panic button, usually labeled with a horn or other symbols. You can use this to silence the alarm temporarily. Another option is to starve the alarm of power. If the alarm is powered by the battery, remove the negative connector.

Grounding the YELLOW / RED wire is like turning the Key to Unlock position

To disable the factory alarm, you must ground the YELLOW / RED wiring. This wire is connected to the CTM and is used to arm and disarm the factory alarm. If the alarm is triggered, this wire will activate two relays to unlock all doors. Using a voltage tester, you can check both the constant and accessory 12v wires for any malfunctions.

The light green/orange wire is connected to CTM and provides the arm and disarm input for the factory alarm. Cutting it will disable this input. The factory alarm will not arm or disarm until the green/orange wire is cut. It should be a fairly short distance from the CTM. Then, connect the two wires back to the CTM.

Cleaning the bonnet latch can cause the alarm to ring

One of the most common causes of the factory alarm is a dirty bonnet latch sensor. When you attempt to open the bonnet, the sensor will sense the force and trigger the alarm. Occasionally, the sensor can become dirty from engine grease and other particles. Cleaning it regularly will resolve the issue. Clean the sensor with brake cleaner or a cleaning brush. Also, check for damaged sensor wiring.

Other possible causes of the factory alarm are bloopers, such as the keys, key fob, or the hood latch sensor. If you clean this area, the alarm will stop. If the problem persists, call your dealer for free diagnostics. If nothing else helps, you can try cleaning the bonnet latch sensor and resetting the alarm. You’ll be surprised to discover that a simple reboot of the car may solve the problem.

Backup batteries are used for the immobilizer

Many Nissan factory alarms use backup batteries to power the immobilizer, which is a battery used to store charge when the primary battery is removed or is not available. Usually, backup batteries last three to five years, but this can vary from model to model. When a backup battery runs low, the system will trigger a low-battery warning. If the battery is not detected by the system, a warning message will appear. If the car is left on the car for a long time, the warning will disappear. However, the battery needs to be recharged if you are not able to recharge the system on AC power.

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